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kira. >> thanks, lisa. breaking news updating a devastating fire at a nightclub in brazil. it's now one of the deadliest nightclub fires in more than a decade. 245 people have died at the kiss nightclub in the southern city of santa maria. another 200 are injured in the club. it is said to hold as many at 2,000 people. the bodies have been taken to a public gymnasium for identification. the cause of the fire is not yet no one but a band was performing at the club at the time the fire broke out. here in the bay area a violent night on the peninsula results in two shootings, one fatal and one involving a child. police are piecing together details in two different locations within blocks of one another, in menlo park and east palo alto. they also occurred within an hour of each other. in the latest incident a victim died after being shot in the head at capital avenue and bell street. east palo alto police identify the victim as 21-year-old lamont
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coleman of east palo alto. and just blocks away at a mcdonald's parking lot police also gathered clues in a shooting that left a 24-year-old woman and her toddler wounded. people pulled up alongside their sedan directly across from mace book's menlo park headquarters and began firing into the car. victim sped away where she was able to meet emergency crews. >> this vehicle was occupied at the time by five adults and one child. there were two people tharpe hit. one adult, who is a 24-year-old female, and a child. a two-year-old male. >> police say the child was sitting in his mother's lap in the car when they were both shot in the legs. the two-year-old suffered a grazing wound to his head. investigators are working to determine whether the two shootings are related and if gangs are involved. the nationwide tug of war over gun control is playing out across the country. a gun buy back in san mateo
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county yesterday brought in 680 firearms, including 24 assault weapons. some people waited in line for up to two hours at the san mateo county event center. the crowd was so big organizers opened an hour earlier. people were paid $100 forehand guns or shotguns and $200 for assault weapons, no questions asked. san mateo congresswoman jackie spear co-sponsored the event and she wondered about some of the weapons turned in. >> high capacity magazines. this one is 100 rounds. there's no purpose for this kind of a magazine in a civilized society. >> more than $63,000 was paid out in yesterday's buy back. meanwhile, gun control activists marched in washington d.c. while gun buyers lined up to buy weapons they worry may soon be banned. here is abc news reporter chuck severson. >> thousands of gun control
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activists marched in the nation's capital, despite freezing temperatures. >> it's about connecting guns to what guns do. >> several residents from new town, connecticut joined the rally. a gunman killed his mother, then 20 first-graders and six teachers and himself in their town last month. >> living in this town and being here every day, you are bearing witness to change. any parent who has a gun in the house, they really, whatever it is, have to think about why they have that gun there. you know, it's time for people to maybe have to give up -- give up those guns. >> or try to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. >> this is about gun responsibility. this is about gun safety. this is about fewer dead americans, fewer dead children, fewer children living in fear. >> pro gun activists also took to the streets opposing president obama's new push for gun control and safety in rallies across the u.s. last weekend.
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fears that gun ownership may soon be restricted is fueling a run on gun shows, like this one in georgia. >> people are look for things that are going to be banned. >> a lost our freedoms are under the gun. pardon the words. >> while newly purchase guns are going into homes, older guns are being turned in. like at this gun buy back in bridgeport, connecticut. seattle's drive-through gun program was a victim of its own success. organizers ran out of gift certificates that were handed out in return for weapons. another one is in the near future. abc news, new york. >> president obama promised to use his second term to protect middle class americans. coming up at 8:00 we will look back at a big week in washington and look forward to a political gunfight in congress. plus which can dates are already in position for 2016. don't miss "this week" with george stephanopoulos, coming up at 8:00 right here on abc7.
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>> tens of house of people on both sides of the abortion issue turned out yesterday in downtown san francisco in a pair of dueling rallies centered around the 30th anniversary of roe v. wade division. organizers of the ninth annual walk for life say 40,000 supporters were at the rally. that followed an earlier gathering at justin herman plaza. that was the pro-choice gathering. four decades after the legalization of abortion the debate continues. >> apportion hurts women and families and children and society. it needs to become unthinkable. >> they seem to think they should have control of what women do with their bodies and it isn't right. >> organizers say it was the largest turnout the march for life has ever had in its nine years in san francisco. two people were rescued after their sailboat collided with a tugboat escorting a barge. it happened in the san francisco bay.
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the coast guard and sf fire responded. one person was suffering from hypothermia. we asked the coast guard if they knew how the accident happened. >> not right now. it's under investigation. the barge was told to go back into port and there's an investigating officer that will do interviews and an investigation on what happened. >> both people who were rescued were treated by paramedics and released. the coast guard said no pollution was released into the bay as a result of the collision. >> in fairfield officials tomorrow will resume their investigation of a fire that gusted a comedy fight. they say the friday night fire appears to have began as a electrical fire. flames destroyed the roof and interior of the original pepper comedy and theater. they have not yet gone inside because of structural issues. those issues are keeping neighboring businesses closed although they did open the streets yesterday. >> the metal siding up top is
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blowing in the wind. those were damaged in the tire and the support studs were damaged in the fire so we are trying to get those shored up so they don't leave the building bg and hurt somebody. >> you can see the sky 7hd vantage point over the fire as it burned. more than 100 firefighters respond the five-alarm fire. parking control officers in san francisco will begin issuing tickets to meters on expired cars on monday. until now drivers have only been issued warnings. meter readers handed out 11,000 warnings in the last few weeks. it will cost you $72 downtown and $62 everywhere else in the city if you get a ticket. the city stands to make an extra $1.7 million a year. full enforcement begins at noon and ends at 6:00 p.m.. >> a super surprise for a long
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time 49ers fan as the team gets ready
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>> in egypt officials say at least 31 people are dead and 400 wounded after rioting broke out over death sentences handed down for a soccer melee last year. yesterday morning protesters rampaged where a judge sentenced
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21 local fans to death for their part in the soccer riot that killed 74 people last february. this morning army troops backed by tanks and armored vehicles have staked out positions at key government facilities to try to restore order. a movie about oscar grant has won two awards at the sundance film festival, including the top prize. fruitvale took over the prize yesterday. it also won the audience award for a new york drama. it looks at the last day in the life of oscar grant. he was killed by former bart police officer messerly on new year's day in 2009. the wine seed company purchased movie's rights for more than $2 million this week a release date has not yet been announced. new this morning the a's are holding their sold-out fan fest. it is this afternoon at oracle arena.
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it includes question-and-answer sessions with members of the al west division champions. there will also be free photos with the team's four world series trophies and former team legends. you can also buy memorabilia to benefit the community fund and tour the a's clubhouse. all 10,000 tickets to the event sold out quickly. the 49ers head to new orleans this afternoon to prepare for their super bowl match-up with the baltimore ravens. most of the 49 faithful will be here in the bay area cheering on the team, but a lucky few will be there at the superdome. abc7 news reporter william kim has more from the niners practice facility in santa clara. >> i opened up my e-mail and it said jed york, and i went what? >> terry white of walnut creek was having a tough time getting tickets to the super bowl. then came the e-mail from jed york telling him he won two free tickets.
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the 49er's ceo conducted the contest on twitter and on e-mail. he explains why he picked white who has been a season ticketholder for 45 years and has attended all five 49er super bowls. >> i wanted to give someone a chance to go to the game who knows what it means to be a 49er faithful. tickets are on the niners as a huge thank you for your years of support. bring us good luck. best, jed. >> cool, huh? >> for mark goodwin it will be his first super bowl. he was among a handful of season ticket holders tharpe given the opportunity to buy tickets through a lottery. he bought two for $950 each, one for him and one for his brother. >> it's a great opportunity to see my little brother, and i'm just totally stoked about this team. >> go niners! >> but not everyone who bought tickets through the lottery is going to go to the super bowl. this family is planning to sell their tickets to pay for their season tickets next year. >> who are you going to sell them to? >> anyone who wants them for a good price. >> terry white would never
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consider selling his tickets. he wants those bragging rights to say he's gone to all six 49er super bowls. >> i brag about i've been to all five and everyone looks at me and say you what? now i won't have to say i've just gone five of six. so i'll be -- have been to six. >> the 49ers will be heading out to new orleans later today. they will be leaving their practice facility at noon where they will be taken by bus to san jose. their flight is scheduled to leave at 1:30 p.m. in santa clara, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> the niners aren't the only bay area team headed to the soup bore. abc7 news has an entire team heading out to new orleans. sports director larry beil and former 49er and sport rain are could mike shumann will be will with his own super bowl ring, diamonds and all and wade treed (sic) man and katie will be
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there also. we will be tweeting behind the scenes update at abc news bay area. i also follow you on twitter for all of your news-related weather updates. >> i think i saw a tweet from katie right now. the fun begins. right now this morning it's cold out there. certainly cooler than yesterday. here's a live look from the emeryville camera. we are talking about snow in the sierra, a few sprinkles and a significant warmup. that's all in your seven day outlook. i'll have it for you coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also next the sharks win again and patrick marleau makes history doing something that hasn't been done in 95 years. mike shumann has the highlights
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>> welcome back. lisa argen brought me some hot water. very kind. i was having a sore throat. but it's cold. need some hot water or something this morning. >> anywhere from 2 to 16 degrees cooler than yesterday. you were outside yesterday so you know how chilly it was. this morning the possibility of some sprinkles exist but that's pretty far south of here. here's the east bay camera.
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it's pretty clear. there is are sprinkles maybe on the peninsula but more significant is the chilly air taking up regulation dense the next couple of days. we show the live look from mount saint helena. it has been quiet and it will stay that way for the next several days, although maybe a sprinkle here or there. we are looking at perhaps a pattern change by next weekend. so another dry week ahead with significant warming by the middle of the week. so right now we've come up with a degree in napa, 33. good morning, san francisco, 46 for you and temperatures dropping in santa rosa. 43 san jose and 46 redwood city. along the monterey bay we are looking at 48 santa cruz and 49 monterey. here's the 15 degrees of cooling compared to 24 hours ago in napa. five degrees cooler downtown and even in the valley, livermore 9 degrees cooler and santa clara 8 degrees cooler. so you felt it last night, the
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dewpoints are cloweer. the sprinkles perhaps on the peninsula, san benito county and monterey as the trough sweeps through. it's also trying big 12 in the cool air. winds out of the northwest again today and the warmer air heads our way by the middle of the week. but today compliments of this area of low pressure, we've got some sierra snow flying, up to 6 inches in parts of the mountains. but with very little moisture in place it's not going to%squeeze out much. in fact, most of the moisture is running parallel along the coast. so cooler air in place and here's a look at our computer animation. that's about it. a few clouds around. maybe a sprinkle. taking you through the rest of the afternoon and you will notice that even not much in the way of cloud cover. so you see that snow in the sierra nevada. mother nature helping out just a little bit. 38 in yosemite with 56 in sacramento. still a few lingering showers to the south. we have a high surf advisory along the central coast with
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significant swells down through santa monica. be careful if you are headed to the coast later on today and bundle up. it is going to be quite chilly out there. 54 at san mateo. san francisco mid-50s. 55 in concord. so not much of a change. numbers in a very narrow range. it's certainly cooler than yesterday, but compared to the bay area and the central coast, very cool with mid-50s. here's a look at our accuweather seven-day forecast. still in the 50s tomorrow, despite all the sunshine. the winds will finally dial back. we get warmer each and every day. around average wednesday and mid-and upper 60s thursday and friday. jacques this is february. it looks like then we could see some changes by the end of next weekend. certainly cold this morning. >> cold, but something to look forward to. thanks, lisa. dan harris joins us from new york to tell us had is coming up at seven on "good morning america." good morning, dan. >> hey, kira, good morning to
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you. coming up on gma this morning a blast of winner. this is not a problem for you but nine states under under a winter warning. i guess you can generate some of that. minneapolis and detroit, the whole mess on to the most populated areas in the country. ginger has the full forecast. the nationwide manhunt for a prisoner who escaped twice from two different prisons using the same impersonation trick. we will tell you how to do it. downward dog at yoga is here. and take a look at this video. this reporter thought she was doing a save story, filing from the barnyard. we will freeze the video here because what happens next is hilarious. apparently goats are unpredictable. we will chat with a reporter who is hilarious herself coming up in fixation and all of that is coming up on gma on this sunday morning. >> i hope she's okay. thank you, dan. >> she's fine.
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only thing that was bruised was her ego. >> and it's happened to the best of us, hasn't it? thank you. >> yes. [laughter] >> in sports, just seven more days remain until super bowl xlvii. fans will be gathering this morning in santa clara to send the 49ers off to new orleans. here's mike shumann with more on the minors this morning's sports. >> good morning. the niners take off today for new orleans and super bowl xlvii. it is your last chance of normalcy before the media onslaught begins on monday. they only have five layers who have played in a former super^bowl. even their coach, jim harbaugh, never played in the big game. but this entire roster wants to keep the bay area championship win streak going. san francisco is just settling down from the giants world series victory and parade. could we be getting ready for yet another parade? >> i was actually thinking about it.
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there's a nice stretch here with teams, the giants winning and doing well. the sharks always do well and the warriors are competitive. >> all right. raiders head coach dennis allen coaching the north team at yesterday's senior bowl in mobile, california. a good chance to check out the talent for the draft. ej manual, a 20-yard strike and michael wilson ran for a td. 14-0 south. stephon taylor led all rushers with 53 yards on nine carries including this 20-yarder, helping the south win 21-16. the warriors hit the road for a four-game swing in five nights. brutal. spending last night in milwaukee. facing former warrior andre ellis and bogut. the bench goes wild on that one. why isn't he an all-star? hits the corner three. led all scorers with 26 points.
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warriors up 4 at the half. in the third, monta ellis gets the feed. he vanishes with the right-hand slam. he had 20. nothing but net here. put the bucks up nine. then monta finishes things up a with a three over former teammate perry. warriors lose their second game in two nights. 109-102 that final. i don't know what patrick marleau of the sharks is doing during the lockout but it's working. he become the first player in 95 years to score four straight multi-goal games to open the season. they keep their record intact 4-0. avalanche controlled the game early until this huge below. that changed the momentum. sharks get a power play out of the deal. marleau, first goal of the game. 1-0 sharks. marleau scored two goals in every game this season. why stop now? his eighth goal of the season, 2-0. second period, the goalie has the day off. thomas greiss, 24 saves.
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now another first, the rookie's first game. lays it in from the point. sharks open the season 4-0 with a 4-0 victory. they are back on the ice tonight against vancouver. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you at five. >> thank you, schu. coming up next, growing concern over a new strain of flu as it spreads across the country, sickening tens of millions of people. and is apple getting stale? the changes some say the tech company n
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>> welcome back, it's 6:30 on this sunday morning. as if this year's flu season isn't bad enough, we are actually fighting three viruses. the one that causes the flu, the one that causes the common cold and now a new virus is spreading like wildfire across the u.s. and it can sicken tens of millions of people. as abc news reporter reports. >> i have never felt like this before. >> the super bug came from australia and is ripping across the country. it's a new strain of norovirus. causing severe stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea and fever.
6:30 am
unlike the seasonal flu you can get this from food and people who prepare your food. >> this is one of the most contagious viruses we deal with. you have to be meticulous to avoid getting it. >> you can get it from any hard surface you touch. most sanitizers can't catch it. it lingers for weeks on doors, door handles and coffee makers. and then there's this. flu is spread mostly in the air. by coughs and breeze. -- and sneezes. you need to breathe in as many as one thousand particles to get sick. norovirus, just 18 particles. it's extremely contagious. annually more than 20 million americans catch the bug. about 800 die, and there's no vaccine. >> no vaccine except fluids. you want to prevent dehydration. >> the virus is also preventing people from donating blood. >> if you have the flu you need
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to be symptom free 24 do 48 hours before you come in. >> you need to be free of antibiotics for 24 hours to safely donate blood, and it's causing a sharp drop in the nation's blood supply. people are staying away from donor sites. >> the hospital is always needing the blood. so we are asking anybody that is healthy right now to donate. >> abc news, new york. the days of legally unlocking your cell phone all over, cell phones that are bought from carriers like verizon only work on that carrier's network unless you unlock it. putting in a new sim card usually does the trick. it's due to a digital copyright act which as of yesterday they no longer honor that. experts recommend you buy an unlocked cell phone such as those made by apple and google. speaking of apple, apple stock started slipping last week. we have the details.
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>> you want it. it's in your gut, your instinct. >> in the new biopick "jobs," ashton kutcher, playing the roll of jobs talking about instinct. knowing what the average american consumer needs and wants before they even know it. it's what helped jobs long after ascending to the top of his industry stay far ahead of the pack. but this week a huge bite out of once mighty apple. after soaring to a record stock price just four months ago, the tech giant has plunged nearly 40% and they have lost their venerable title as the world's most valuable company to exxon. why the slump? economists say for one competitors like samsung have upped their game. not out-inventing apple, but matching them device for device. but the biggest threat is the loss of steve jobs himself it's been nearly a year and a half
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since his death. many worried the company has lost its creative genius. >> apple was very much steve jobs. we saw apple lost its way once in in the 1980s affeldt he left and a lot of people left apple for dead. they brought steve jobs back and the company once again was focused on products and invasion and consumer needs and consumer tastes in ways that had hadn't been before. the real question is whether apple can replicate the mind of steve jobs. >> how does someone know what they want if they have never even seen it? >> with that movie, the real life story still unwritten, whether apple can continue iten -- inventing the next big thing before anyone else and before consumers realize they even want it. >> that was abc news reporter bianna reporting. >> new this morning, construction on the new high-speed rail line is supposed to begin across the san joaquin
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valley in july. but the state has yet to buy a single acre of land along the proposed route. officials hope to begin making offers over the next several weeks but that would only be the first step. the l.a. times said a convoluted legal problem could allow land owners to delay the project by weeks or months and drive up the cost of the massive project. it's a $68 billion project. high-speed rail officials say it won't be easy, but they can still acquire needed property and begin the project on time. also new this morning, this week volunteers will count how many homeless people are living in santa clara county. this year's homeless census is being held tuesday and wednesday. our media partner, the san jose mercury news, reports outreach workers will visit homelessen campments that appear to have grown since last year. last year the cleaning up of the camps were halted while legal issues were sorted out. a survey in 2011 showed as many as 18,000 people homeless during the year with 2500 considered chronically homeless.
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also new this morning the san rafael scoreboard is asking voters to renew their parcel tax. if they go forward with the proposal tomorrow, voters will vote in a special mail-in election come this spring. it would extend a $194 parcel tax that has helped fund schools since 1989. coming up, pipeline safety, how a new piece of high-tech equipment is keeping gas pipelines safe for you and your family. and we have a live look from our roof cam looking over a bay bridge. it should be a beautiful but cool day. meet lisa
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>> we are taking a live look outside right now in santa clara just across the street at the practice facility for the 49ers. they will be leaving this afternoon super bowl-bound for new orleans. it should be a beautiful day to bid them farewell. a little cool but sunny. meteorologist lisa argen will have your forecast in a little bit. 6:how on the dot right now. a new pipeline scanner could take the guesswork out of determining which natural gas lines are safe. pg&e is testing it right now. it's part of the utility's ongoing effort to improve their
6:39 am
safety programs ever since the 2010 deadly san bruno explosion. here is abc reporter heather ishimaru. >> pg&e's san ramon technology center is a testing facility worthy of a science fiction movie set, but here it's science reality. >> using a laser and these three here are cameras. >> this 3d laser scanner maps the surface of a natural gas pipeline in high def, down to the virtually invisible measurement of 40 microns. that's about the width of the smallest human air. it shows engineers and can calculate for them whether external corrosion is bad enough to make the pipe unsafe. >> because of the fact we are scanning 100% of the external corroded area you have a lot more data that you are collecting. especially if you go with the high-resolution mode. >> the conventional method involves taking chicken wire, painting a grid of one inch
6:40 am
squares and using a manual tool to measure the depth. >> using the scanner compared to the conventional means to save literally hours and hours and hours. >> the laser beam bounces off these round reflecter dots to measure the scanner's relationship to the pipe's surface. it's being tested and used in the field as part of pg&e's regular pipe maintenance program. the 2010 san bruno pipe explosion was caused by the failure of old faulty welds that were never properly tested. 8 people were killed and 38 homes destroyed. it's unlikely the laser scanner would have caught those internal shallow welds. 1 of it lobs as exteriors only. pg&e has added new internal inspection tools since then as well. the device costs many thousands of dollars. it is a lot more chan chicken wire and spray paint so it could
6:41 am
be a determining whether pg&e gets any more. in san ramon, abc7 news. say good-bye to the 45-cent sam. today stamps for letters weighing up to an ounce goes up a penny. i'm a huge letter writer, a big snail mail sender. one penny is 20 cents per pack and it adds up. >> i agree completely. >> lisa argen is here with the quick tees of our accuweather forecast. >> we are certainly cooler this morning but it's nice and clear out there. we still have a system working through the bay area. as we head outside looking toward our east bay, vollmer peak, it looks gorgeous for sure, but some areas are freezing and we will talk about some sierra snow and a big warmup. it's all ahead. >> i like the end of that. also ahead, a san francisco waterfront property that's about to get an extreme
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>> thank you for joining us. you are taking a live look at the bridge facing san mateo. a cool 54 degrees. lisa argen will have our accuweather forecast coming up in just a little bit. it's beautiful, but chilly, she
6:45 am
says. a long neglected stretch of the san francisco waterfront is on the verge of a major transformation. at the heart of the makeover is pier 70. 18,000 people worked here near -- here during world
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>> welcome back, 6:49 on this sunday morning. thanks for joining us. lisa argen joins us now with freezing temperatures this morning. >> but at least we are getting some snow. we've been talking about the system that's been moving through the bay area and there's been no clouds. our producers are like what system, what rain? we will show you the radar in just a moment. we do have something to show you: right now a live look outside. it's gorgeous out there, but certainly chilly. in fact, we are going to be talking about temperatures below average. 7:17 the official sunrise. it sets at 5:28. live doppler 7hd look at the snow around colfax, and chain controls for 80 and 50 this morning. we are looking at a little bit of snow, as much as six inches in spots. you see on the way to the sierra nevada, certainly some snow will slow you down and you will have to put on those chains. some good news, our snowpack has
6:49 am
been shrinking the past month. started out about 136% of normal early in january, and now we are below 98%. so we are looking at some changes in our snowpack as it continues to shrink, and any opportunity of more snow, i'll let you know in a moment. but right now it's cold with 33 degrees in napa, 47 in oakland and along the central coast with more clouds around watsonville and monterey. the possibility exists for a sprinkle or two as this system skirts through northern california. 15 degrees colder in napa this morning with 3 degrees in cooling since 24 hours ago in oakland, even san francisco. they usually retain some warmth but definitely lower dewpoints and colder air this morning with 9 degrees colder in livermore, 8 degrees colder around the santa clara valley. maybe strange else -- sprinkles in the south bay.
6:50 am
but dry and warmer weather headed our way by the middle of the week. in fact going above normal by thursday and friday. here's other look it at the expected high temperatures today. we are below normal. mid-50s for livermore and san francisco. not much below normal, anywhere from two to four degrees. but with the winds up to 24 miles an hour, it will feel cooler than the 54 in livermore today. grab the jacket and actually this cold air mass is going stick around for the upcoming work week. so this low has to work on through with very little moisture. then we will see high pressure build on in and when the high begins to slide over the bay, that's when we will get the warming. windy and cooler throughout the day today and the possibility throughout the morning, even the afternoon hours. the light sprinkles in higher elevations ukiah and down further south. but right now the moisture rubbing parallel to the coast and it's the breezy winds that will materialize once again this afternoon. with the snow in the sierra nevada, maybe half a foot in
6:51 am
some locations. reno looking at slick conditions as well. 35 for the high there. upper 0s in yosemite and low 60s returning in los angeles. a high surf advisory from the central coast down through santa monica. 53 half moon bay. certainly chilly out there today. 355 in concord and down -- 55 in concord. this afternoon the 57 in salinas. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we are looking at still a chilly afternoon with a slight chance of a shower toward tomorrow morning. mid-and upper 50s. then more sunshine, perhaps a 60-degree reading on tuesday. near average on wednesday and that's right, mid-and upper 60s thursday, friday and into the weekend. it is not going to feel like february. we are hoping for a pattern change by next weekend. maybe bringing us some rain. doesn't look promising now but the dry spell, more or less, continues. >> it's lovely. i will take it. as promised, a long neglected
6:52 am
stretch of the san francisco waterfront is on the verge of a major transformation. at the heart is pier 70. 18,000 people worked here during world war ii. in this morning's assignment 7 report, abc7 news anchor dan ashley looks into the plan to move forward without forgetting the past. >> the gold rush was still in full swing when pier 70 became a major ship building and repair port for the west coast. it played a major role in the building of the country during the spanish-american and world wars. steel here helped build the west. supplying everything from the mining operations to the transcontinental railroad. >> steel from bethlehem helped support the construction of the golden gate bridge. the last major in project was the pier 52. >> big ships still come here,
6:53 am
for repairs, but other industries that flourished here's have moved on, leaving a lifeless waterfront. the port is hoping to change that with a $242 million revitalization plan to bring thousands of people back to pier 70. >> it will be a dramatic change. it will be a new destination of san francisco and people to come and understand the history of this site. >> the plans call for new shops, restaurants and small manufacturing facilities. where ships once launched, there will be a new bay front park. developer forest city will handle a third of the pier. it hopes to build a thousand apartments and 2 million square feet of office space. so far there's been little opposition from neighbors. developers say it wants the project to fit into the surrounding neighborhood. >> we really see a great opportunity at pier 70, based on the history of the site and the remaining historic buildings to create a locally-inspired
6:54 am
waterfront. >> it may take as long as three years for forest city to hammer out the details with the port. in the meantime the city has already signed off on a $100 million project to fix up half a dozen buildings. >> our job is to come in and basically make them safe and then lease them out and bring them back to life. >> morton development will also work on the development. it imagines an old power plant could become a restaurant. offices that once housed steel executives could be where new industries are created. each of these old buildings presents its own challenges. union iron works machine shop was built in 1885 and is the size of two football fields. >> we've been advised by the port that it's in risk of collapse. so the first thing we will do is come in and shore the building up so if there is an earthquake it won't be lost. >> orton hopes to begin work later this year. the port wants to break ground on the new park in 2014, and for the city, it's aiming to start
6:55 am
work in 2016. the city says together these projects will help remake pier 70. >> the idea is to bring pier 70 back to historic levels of activity by both creating a new jobs center, as well as getting new residents here so you have vitality down here 24 hours a day. >> dan ashley, abc7 news. >> the project is expected to take ten to twenty years to complete. okay, you can add a female arang tang to the 49ers faithful. each year she is given a choice of boxes with super bowl team blankets inside. the 25-year-old new mom picked the 49ers blanket out of the box. no hesitation. she doesn't even bother opening the box with the ravens blanket inside. ouch! but her track record is a little less decisive. her super bowl picks have been correct just 50% of the time. you can share your photos of who you expect to win, your 49ers
6:56 am
pride with us. take a look. this is a family of four. we have absolutely one of the youngest and cutest 49ers fans ever, seven-week-old aleah is all smiles. she can't wait for her niners to bring home a sixth super bowl championship. you can share your pictures with us on ureport. lisa argen joins us with one last look at the accuweather forecast. >> certainly cold out there. maybe a few sprinkles south of the bay. more likely. 57 in oakland today. breezy winds and 54 in the city. cooler than yesterday with only 56 hollister. the look ahead, we will stay chilly and eventually by midweek warm up. notice no rain on these panels and we are talking upper 60s by then of the upcoming work week. >> gorgeous. i always know if it's raining i will be outside reporting and if not i am inside in the glorious shelter of the studio. thank you, lisa.
6:57 am
thank for joining us on the abc7 morning news. abc7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. stay with us. captioned by
6:58 am
good morning, america. this morning, ice age. an ice storm bearing down on american cities leaving parts of the country under a thick, slick sheet, but behind the storm, is
6:59 am
there finally a possibility for a big thaw? fired up. families from newtown, connecticut, join thousands of others for an emotional march on washington demanding gun control. but some say we need more guns, not less, to stay safe. drop dead gorgeous. a former beauty queen is sentenced for her role in an ugly murder plot. find out why she's going from pageant to prison. and cold justice, the young judge sentencing criminals to shovel out senior citizens, but why is his honor doing hard labor alongside the convict? ♪ do you need anybody i just need someone to love ♪ hey, good morning, everybody. also coming up on the broadcast this morning, the nationwide man hunt this morning for a violent convict who has used the same impersonation trick to escape

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